Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Urban Photography | Urban Photography Tips

Urban Photography Tips. When you decide to give up the bidding cities in the picture, you must take the wide angle and telephoto (zoom), polarization, and pregnant women blog. You need a wide angle lens to capture the image, zoom in and when you need a wide range to capture the details of distance, for example, opposite the cathedral. And help us attract the darkened sky blue filters, and reflections from non-metallic surfaces.

Needless to say, today, is a tripod usage.we slow shutter speed can also be configured as a part of us. It also recommended practical photography , one of the methods suggested is ambiguous moving objects. Slow moving objects, such as infantry, using about 1 / 8 second shutter speed of 1 second. Fast-moving traffic, you can try to use the shutter speed / 8 sec.If1.30 seconds I had the landscape and nature photography, you can consider doing some landscape photography in urban areas. While walking on the road every day, trying to find something you can do is stunted and warnings. You do not need much to go out and get it. This is how you write.