Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Photography Editing | Photography Editing Tips

Photography Editing. How much do you edit photos before printing is entirely up to you and have almost no pictures of those who edit all preferences of all kinds, for those who want to make serious changes in virtually all the photos they take. There are a lot of middle ground between these two extremes.

Many, many basic editing tasks, you can take pictures in the camera, including some simple cropping, remove red eye in photographs flash on the horizontal and vertical rotation, and vice versa. For many people, it is about all you need to print a picture of before anyway, so you can make things very easy.

You obviously can not cover all the RAW editing RAW, but more in form than the highest quality JPEG RAW adjustments in most looking forward to a better job. Adjust ekspozitsiyu.Samoe big advantage is the ability to adjust raw exposure, blowing highlights or deep shadows restore lost. But I will always adjust the exposure, to increase the already dark shadows or bright stresses were blown out, for a variety of artistic effects, or simply increase the brightness.

PLS use the RAW converted to black and white. Generally speaking, if you want, black and white image that you want to do in RAW, JPEG conversion instead. Convert RAW to server and will lead to higher quality black-white images. Jump to saturation easier. Supersaturated photo simple way to ruin photos, and you can easily view and print on the big screen, this is very bad.

Not too much sharpness. Sharpening artifacts in large prints look bad, be very careful how you sharpen an image. I'd rather just take the clear lenses, and then use no sharpening or noise reduction as the most natural look possible. If you want to add impact to your images, or consider the use of curves instead of dodging and burning.