Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Photography History | Photography History Timeline

Photography History. Negative - a positive image (which is the arrival of digital cameras know) that, in the invention, also published what is considered the first publication devoted exclusively to photography, this year, in 1839, William Henry Fox Talbot: The Art of graph paper thin with some of the negatives, photographs , and a group of accounts is positive.

Flash, when you explode in sprays, powders of magnesium to produce the effect of artificial light, so is the process that began today is unknown. Finally, came the flash lamp in 1930.

In less than two years (1935-1936), was achieved Agfacolor Kodachrome color slides or OHP in the market and are displayed on the screen. In 1940, the completion of the daguerreotype, the land of Polaroid.

Completion of all the progress and 60, where: color, speed, and lower prices for zinc and cadmium sulfide and titanium dioxide film which uses the Itek RS.

It seemed since those early days of today's reality, images, and thinkers of the collective imagination, and the growth of the concept of reflection images of the sociological community in the areas are endless