Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Photography Composition | Photography Composition Techniques

Photography Composition Techniques. Macro Photography and Art Photography is used mainly, and another way to fill in the form box.
Positions 5 and / or using your theme Isolated small: to isolate the problem. The main advantage of this technology should be sharp and the background and the background becomes a blur. It is used in nature, sports and wildlife photographs on this issue constructively. It can open an image editing.

You can add or remove items from the scene to help. However, the photographer always re-arranges his subjects. Them - selling life photo images in the advertising market, there is need to improve. Attention to detail is to be defined.

In many ways you can use photography to make a good film. Naturally tires work best scenes, and an attractive rate of interest. And some of the leading line of work. A popular method of two-thirds rule, is there.

About two-thirds rule: You have two perpendicular lines, two lines of printing and print making, you should have an equal amount of nine rectangles. These four points are the vertical and horizontal lines meet in your area are made aware of your images.

Photographic film structure is very important. If you have family and friends in this industry, owned a painting, there is an interest in learning. Using the techniques above to see some of the industry is a good way. Boring to isolate the problem for many photographers use a background image