Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

3d Photography | 3d Photography Camera

3d Photography Camera. In the 5-8 feet in front of the camera's position. Ideally, the background is another hot topic behind the 8-10 feet. If the background is far behind the subject and have a 3D effect that, if the background is very close, as a confusion between red and blue random shot. Use your feet and moving, rather than using the zoom lens of the camera closer or farther.

The real magic is how to capture the image twice. Standing on your feet less than shoulder width. Put your left foot all of your weight, writing and photographs. Then transfer your right foot and your weight are written and take the second photo.

With the goal is to maintain the formation between the centers of the cameras in the audience left and the right location should be 4-6 inches difference in the problem. The greater the distance between the attitudes and less likely to object will be presented before the final composite image is correct. This will need to experiment and practice to master the technology.