Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Photography Terms | Photography Terms Iso

Photography Terms Iso. Of his varied and the opening of the quantity that controls the amount of the light passing through the LENS LENS to the sensor (700), which mostly is expressed and / number.The higher / or numbers of light and the least reduction and / or many of the slot. Also the government of the depth of the field.

Great aperture. Product's even more semi-cameras. This sets the depth of light in the room but for Our speed they want and in a straight line for more.

Auto focus. Most digital cameras to develop the auto-focus that focuses LENS

This is. Actually in the room which is a power to the batteries to different concepts here. Support for fade-in that between the Chamber usually tends that their batteries and not the reverse.

In the parenthesis. Brackets, where the fire three times in the same scene or taking more degrees. Style to some cameras.

Card reader. We connect you with the memory card in your

700 or the fury of device. This refers to the chip in the room used to record data files (digital camera on this but a movie).
And when the light hits 700 took the picture to return to the 700 Analog and digital data.

And since that which really means any zoom digital cameras, "encouraging" in the center and zoom into the image pixels. That "voice" or a poor judgment. Much longer exist below.

DPI dpi. Here is an image determines the Public Printer of sharp. Our staff 1200 dpi, that they should comment here.

To group. This is a wide open here, how slot.

Exif. Drawing exchange file. A camera used to record data to Shots on the day and needs time, and can sometimes actually in the room I have read that the power of Twitter in the following format. Useful what is done with the captured picture.

Right here. This here is too heavy for you in adjusting the aperture and photographers. However, digital cameras shoot in automatic mode only. If you feel you might want to take you some time, we must consider more serious.

Describe the coordination of the length of length.Focal LENS Zoom. Whenever We expand any more in length