Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

Equine Photography | Equine Photography Classes

Equine Photography. The best angle to show the muscle anatomy of the horse line. This is usually a little with one foot forward, and "M" shape with the formation of his feet. Should improve neck and head high, not looking for something to eat. Whether you choose to use the angle of shooting you or location - the most important rule in photography is to take in order to ensure the ears GO!

Can be easier said than done, especially in the hot day, animal anxiety or tension. However, the picture is not really worth it, if you do not get the ears forward!

Relaxation of animals, and introduced with the horse before, start their own photographs. Enough to allow them to touch around you comfortable.

If necessary, you have reason to break the assistant simple to get to your camera and horses (and ears) of attention. If you are alone, you can wear your boots on the ground enough to make your ears toward the center of the horse.

From the side of the image is usually the best stallion to be registered, if you picture the horse and face to face, in the shooting, the most important features and eyes. If you do not attract attention, you will not capture the current life and your photos will be average.