Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Surf Photography | Surf Photography Tips

Surf Photography. I was in Germany and went to conference activities and social relationships, we are friends. Pictures of my friends had a dream about this wave. Unfortunately, he gave up his dream. On the other hand, I was lucky. He's like me, lenses, cameras and photo equipment, housing, etc. All the water did. This happened in the film camera era.

After that I go abroad, and began to study the picture. I have pictures and I do not know anything about the underlying technology. However, the desire to surf the picture is very easy that I can learn. In addition to my daily surfing photos and surf. With gear this morning, I said: 'surfers in the water because the water was practicing photography. To create the best image, I can still learn from foreign photographers. Area photos may be the start of the picture by the waves.

It seems a high price, including any obstacles in front of me, that time is one of the film. However, the fact is my desire and loyalty of the past. Every day, the image acquisition has increased. Thus, many friends in the local newspaper or magazine to Bali / Indonesia, including foreign to me to find, recommend, and it was able to. In 1999, riding the tides of time, search first, the magazine was founded in Indonesia.