Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

Tabletop Photography | Tabletop Photography Equipment

Tabletop Photography . If they shoot room sets I used to do some time, and this is hard work, and involves the use of many assistants and carpenters to build the game in many cases take several days to complete. You also need serious studio space to achieve this type of specialized work, and I have.

For lighting, you need to annex to private studio flash unit called the fund "soft. This is what it seems, the tissue box, which is reflected in the interior, the front is widespread, and provide a soft light of the policy to defuse shed light on the subject. Extension is not an umbrella to work sutible that the light is turned off. If you do not have a studio flash unit, and you can buy a pack of soft, which attach to the flash head with a hammer gun. If you have another flash head that can put this to use by simply bounced off the roof, to help fill any shadow area .