Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Macro Photography Tips | Macro Photography Tips And Techniques

Macro Photography Tips . Cheap digital camera with a macro-point shot from the ability to do so in general, the optimal results of the DSLR camera, there is a very good tip which will Mungkin. The reason is a macro lens for DSLR cameras due to a variety of special purposes.

Match pairs of lenses in the following recommendations of the manufacturers. Some cameras have a macro-photography, special, special accessories, attachments, photographer in this low-cost and / or decrease the minimum focus length allows you to expand the range of topics.
This mode is selected to model a couple of cameras and other adjustments, which are often in Macro mode, place the camera ON. Camera Macro Mode, and then placed in Focus, which gives everything a great depth in this area, or if the main focus of attention on the subject of a large aperture (small), select a small aperture. Most cases, the best is to select the largest aperture Therefore, the shallow depth of field is for Bwt.

After some artificial light, macro photography is important. Fortunately, the cameras internal light gauge their own income. Natural Light is a LOT of high-quality images in order to prepare the day's most expensive way to Time dizzy. Alternatively, the flash of light flash on top of tissue paper and cello tape, which is hard to be able to propagate. Reflector, the investment will be more expensive than another option.