Rabu, 02 November 2011

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Pinhole Photography. Pinhole camera history dates back centuries to ancient Greece were donated to trace the progress of the brilliant scientists and philosophers of ancient China and the late 20th century. The story how clever it all colorful, full of really exciting events, he one you have never failed to prove that you can come great things and how the simple ideas and story

Conventional glass lenses longer exposure time by lighting effects, from the oldest form of Greek pinhole photography around 500 BC and discovered the use of the camera.

The photo shows a dark enclosed space, so we rely on the understanding of how to work well under this standard, the light in the hole. "Cameras" The size of the holes is determined to a very large part of the quality of the photographs. Holes in the light can be small, sharp images. Therefore, it is as small as possible to prevent tampering or disabling by the corners and edges of the hole light-hole, like it should be round, and is called a pinhole.