Kamis, 03 November 2011

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You want to take pictures at eye level with the flowers, make sure that it is visible in the center of attention: It means squat, or to obtain a lower interest rate on the lower right camera at ground level.

When photographing flowers on the ground, you need to remove or smooth: blade of grass or leaves, which should be on the road between the camera and flowers.

Make sure that the order to fire, where the light source, so strong, that you have to lose a lot of details are given petals. Notice the red flowers, such as color films react more than others and may result in red petals are the pictures from "washed," as in: Using a diffuser is high, as recommended by the overcast sky scenes. Soft Lighting and shadows are less harsh. Reflector is also useful because they can be light in shady areas, especially if you shoot in heavy brush or woods.

Another method is to flower after a light rain or mist with water before photographing the image. Drops of water can add details of interesting and exciting one-shots. This macro is trying to focus on individual drops of water, and you can even catch the reflection that