Minggu, 06 November 2011

Abstract Photography | Abstract Photography Black And White | Abstract Photography Art

Abstract Photography Black And White .Abstract photography is a process by using colors and shapes are combined to create images that have meaning or not, post that explicitly. Abstract photography is not necessarily mean the same thing and Abstract photography leaves more imagination and allows us to focus on quality and color than all.

If you are looking to try a new style of photography, with abstract photography will certainly be challenging, fun and very rewarding if you master the real art.

You can easily create an abstract image - abstract images difficult. One of the easiest ways to create abstract images that use a combination of water and your camera shutter is shooting fast flowing water, water, and a second slower than the speed of flying will cause blur. In the most simple. It looks interesting?

This will depend on fire - fire speed, water and air when the sun is low in the sky to give your image a lot more interesting. Films will produce different colors. Add color filters will improve your photography abstract.

Slow speed shooting flag flying in the wind that will cause you to have an abstract. How to create an interesting abstract images on your camera shutter "close to harvest. Locate the file using a blur, Some types of macro photography can be considered abstract. Close-ups of flowers and other plant life will make a good abstract. While the Imaging Center - macro should be cut and color longevity. Some street lights can be an abstraction.