Senin, 07 November 2011

Long Exposure Photography | Long Exposure Photography Tipslong Exposure Photography Ideas

The experience of many photographers, the length of exposure often leads to the best night, but in the morning or after sunset products. At present, the source of light of various light, temperature colors are different, creating an interesting color combinations. Important areas can be easily flooded low light or dark, and the important things is very easy to be seen. This shot is usually a very strong contrast between light, in choosing the right film needed, and at the same time, they should at least ensure that the environmental exposure is correct.

Effectively many of them are the subject of light in moving objects, this is a long exposure photography, i t makes it very fficult to argue. Speed cameras have very short exposure time of the release of air, the camera can be moved, the choice depends on the speed of f light speed in t box. Because the speed of moving objects at night is difficult, but the shot of the night is often difficult to predict the effects of D management, is the only way for institutions to use a few shots to to choose from.

When you use the speed or film speed, exposure time may be shorter, but you find yourself opening as large as possible, that would do to the depth of field is very small to use. Some optical properties of the lens is not the best, if the speed to fly at the same time, but it requires a large depth of field that you want a high-speed film used.

nd side of the camera, focus and speed to fly as much as possible to keep count of the report, for example, your 125mm zoom, you have the speed to fly up to 1 / 125 second or faster.