Minggu, 06 November 2011

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National Geographic 100 Years, and the scenery you see in the world and home of the world can experience the ethnic customs, ancient and modern, and you travel through the story continues through the world, resulting in a primordial and wild. 100 years of National Geographic contains a wide range of goods in your collection of Classic!

Unless made in detail and depth, professional photographers shooting team, and world leaders can be found on all the world, but they love the beautiful pictures and try to capture in a strange after-life to take risks, the visual enjoyment of the work out to an audience.

The human eye is sharp, but anything that is too big, too small, too fast or too slowly and could not catch, and what is outside the visible spectrum. Photography influential modern science and technology, this video is invisible to the naked eye in the world --- you will receive a small drop of water contains all kinds of strange shapes microorganisms with a strange look, it will only atoms of the activity billion cubic inches, and painted a bright moment when the to more than 800 cubic meters per second hit the spot with a speed