Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

Wolf Photography | Wolf Photography Mn

Wolf Photography Mn. In fact, do not take pictures of wildlife photographers do not always win in the wild. The most beautiful pictures you Cubs, polar bears and other wild animals can be captured in Nature reserves and zoos. Scam? Perhaps, but the wedding photographer for a safer and disturb them freely "roam cousins ​​and eating sessions.

Nature reserves for some photographers offer special tours, these tours are also offered (in many cases people are allowed to close without a picture), without the benefit of, and there are many things that a professional CD-Looking for a hobby that can take photographs Wildlife .

Cage bars, fences, people, signs, and if it is not safe and not against the rules, the chain link one point to avoid a hole through the lens, so you can capture pictures of the display without a fence. Sometimes there is a view that allows you to shoot on the fence. This is an opportunity to look at. Again, to use an image editor does not withhold good from what images can do during filming.

Use the zoom (optical to get the best quality) or in close proximity to the lens. Use the sports mode or 1 / 250 shutter speed to best effect for the cold weather and prefer to set the light movements.Use: Cloudy day the animals are often portrayed as well. If the clouds are very bright, no glare or light colored community will prevent the water. If the clouds are very dark and SLR, and the ISO increases. With the right amount of cloudy, you can get all the risk, the more your merged image, with the animals and you can not decisis.