Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Creative Photography Ideas | Creative Photography Ideas For Beginners

Creative Photography Ideas For Beginners. Photo time. I showed my niece how to do this with clay figures and stitch the resulting images together in a video file, and that he was busy for several days. If you control the exposure consistently to keep the image consistent with each other, you can make stop-motion animation is really nice. Or, you can set the camera to capture other effects such as slow opening flowers and seeds to grow.

The fireplace. It is very different at night. City scenes shot with available light creates some interesting images. It can shoot pictures outdoors under the moon, or painting "light", where you can open the shutter for the exposure, and "paint" your targets with colored or plain light, some of the pictures that really strange.

Astrophotography. Contact SLR telescope, and you're ready to search the depths of space and time. You will need some adapters, and the ability to compensate for the Earth's rotation to the image of a very long time. Begin this month, and move from there.

The macro. Of flowers on the coins of the stamps, you can refine your skills in close-up photography and capture some really detailed pictures. Will often macro lens or close the facility for help. See my tips on photography of flowers for more information.

Micro-photography. If you can interface the camera with a microscope, you can get pictures that really crazy. A pile or a handful of near magnification and try your hand at turning salt crystals in surreal images.